3 Deadly Tile and Grout Problems That Demands Hiring Professional Cleaners

Whether installed at home or in office, tiles bring charm and elegance to your outdated interiors and enhance the curb appeal of your property. Over the past few years, tiles have become a preferred choice of most homeowners due to its sophisticated outlook and ease of maintenance. If you have recently splurged on tiling your home, it’s likely you would expect it to last for decades in top-notch condition.

Over time and use, tiles develop dirt, mould, grime and ruin the aesthetics of your property. Even if you are a cleaning perfectionist and perform regular maintenance, you may find it hard to deal with mould, especially on your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Besides mould, tiles develop stains, dirt, or white residue, which is no less than a nightmare to the majority of homeowners.

To make you aware of the common tile and grout problems, we have come up with this blog so that you can take necessary precautions in advance before it’s too late.

Dirt and Stains in Grout

As grouts consist of porous substances, it attracts dirt, stains and dust mites quickly and becomes dull before the expected shelf-life. As grouts joints are situated a little below from the tiles, dirt and other impurities accumulate on the joints, especially when you mop, scrub or clean the tiles.

Moreover, grouts get stained quickly and if you do not treat them on time, it can develop into permanent dark spots and ruin the visual aesthetics of your property. Hence, it’s quintessential to remove tough stains with the help of professional tile and grout cleaners who are expert in the field and deliver flawless results using high-end cleaning supplies.

White Impurities on Tiled Surface

Have you ever come across white residue on kitchen or bathroom tiles? Also known as efflorescence, it occurs when water penetrates the tiles and minerals present in water form tiny crystal beads, which in turn leaves a white residue. When it comes to tiles, efflorescence is one of the generic issues that not only degrade your tiles but damages the grouts as well due to its porous nature.

Most homeowners find it challenging to identify the source of this troubling issue and seek expert help. The tile cleaning experts possess years of experience and detect the actual source of leakage in tiles that allow water to penetrate and cause the issue. If you see white residue on your timeless tiles, do not delay to hire professional tile and grout cleaning for guaranteed results.

Mould Growth on Tiles

Among all other tile and grout problems, mould is another major culprit that can ruin the shine of your pricey tiles and invite potential health hazards for your family such as asthma, respiratory disorders, lung problems, breathing issues and so on. Usually, mould develops under moisture and wet conditions particularly on kitchen and bathroom tiles and if left untreated for a long time, it can take a toll on your health.

If you lack time, patience and expertise to treat mould and mildews from tiles, it’s better to delegate the task to professional professional tile and grout cleaning specialists who have years of experience and use advanced tools and supplies to dilute mould once and for all.

Do not let tiles seize your mental peace! If you are struggling with any of the problems mentioned above and looking for feasible solutions to end your woes, hiring experienced cleaners can be of immense help.

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