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How to Tell if it’s Time for a Bathroom Renovation? 5 Clear Signs

  • Are you unsatisfied with your existing bathroom space?
  • Do you endlessly whin about what irks you at any presentable opportunity?
  • Are you thinking about a full-fledged bathroom renovation soon?

If so, then it’s normal to have questions and disquiets about how to strike the right balance between budget, functionality and aesthetics in your renovation project.

With that, you also need to think about –

  • Whether you will require a permit for the renovation?
  • What flooring and walls will work best for your space and budget?
  • And what colours to choose for your customised bathroom upgrade?

Amidst all these confusions and concerns, the good news is that bathroom renovations often come with high ROI- Return on Investment! And performing a quality renovation can help improve the functionality of your bathing space and even turn it into a key aspect of your home décor.

So… needless to say, a bathroom renovation comes with many appreciative benefits. And if you aren’t sure whether it’s time for an upgrade, then here are 5 clear signs that suggest you should.

1. Your Bathroom Exhibits a Poor Layout –

Do you find yourself struggling with the layout and organisation of your current bathroom space? If so, then that is a clear sign that it’s time to upgrade.

With a quality layout, you won’t have to squeeze your way past the bathroom sink or stumble over the toilet. Instead; a planned layout will allow easy movement and accessibility of the entire bathroom space without any such accidents.

Fortunately, planning your bathroom layout and organising each of these elements can easily be assuaged through a professional bathroom renovation.

You will need the necessary permit for a full-fledged bathroom upgrade. However, if you are not looking to alter the apartment structure or shift the plumbing around, then you will not need a permit for your renovation project.

2. You Find Obvious Signs Of Leaks, Humidity, Stink, Etc.

If you notice obvious signs of damage like leaks, humidity and an overwhelming smell of mould/mildew; then that’s a clear sign to commit to a renovation.

  • If you find anything which is mouldy or unsightly; you will have to salvage it
  • If you find your present fittings and fixtures leaking water or appearing damaged; you will have to replace them with a modernised element
  • Also, if your bathroom space is humid due to lack of proper ventilation; you need to speak to competent bathroom renovation specialists near you to arrange for proper ventilation and prevent mould stinks and growth

A full-fledged renovation plan encompasses each of these technical considerations to ensure the less so-glamorous aspects of your bathroom space are adequately cared of.

3. Your Current Bathroom Consists Of Pitiable Lighting –

Do you notice that the bathroom lighting is very bright in the morning and pitiably dim in the evening- preventing you to see your face in the mirror?

If so, then you need to upgrade your bathing space unhesitantly!

To reinvent and sustain the entire ambience of your bathroom; you need quality lighting. You can opt for LEDs lights and bulbs for the ceiling, over the vanity and even over your showering area. You can even add a dimmer switch to control the level of brightness.

Plus, for proper lighting suggestions, you can also discuss it with your renovation specialist and make a list of what you need.

4. Your Bathroom Lacks Adequate Storage –

It doesn’t matter how good your existing colour scheme or fixtures are. If your bathroom is low on storage, then it will make you feel uncomfortable every time you use it.

Going for professional bathroom renovations could be the answer to all your space storage woes without even using oversized storage options.

It allows you to add a quality linen closet to store your towel, toiletries, proper storage shelves above the toilet, an under-counter storage option and even a modernistic vanity which is functional and work wonderfully in small-to-medium-sized bathroom spaces.

You can do all of this and create a free-flowing and clutter-free bathroom- exactly as you want!

5. You Find The Floor & Wall Tiles Appearing Old, Grimy & Chipped

If you notice your bathroom floor and wall tiles appearing old, grimy and chipped; then there’s no doubt about it. Everything about it screams a necessary upgrade.

You can easily replace the old ones with quality tiles. And if your space permits, can also add a bathtub or modernistic shower-set for enhanced comfort and aesthetics. If you also want to repaint- you can opt for trending colour palette of black and grey or blue and white to add more charm to your bathing space.

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