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Kitchen Renovation
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End-To-End Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Canberra at Reasonable Rates

We offer end-to-end kitchen & bathroom renovation Canberra that not only fit your budget but adhere to your predetermined schedule. Most importantly, we maintain transparency all throughout and coordinate directly with you. This ensures there is no lack of communication or misunderstanding of your aesthetic preferences from our side when it comes to chalking out ideas and implementing them.

We are home to a team of qualified as well as experienced contractors and technical experts and we deal with every project directly to ensure that transparency. Indeed we take pride in the quality of work we deliver and that is our USP.

We serve you in steps while renovating your kitchen.

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Planning the Layout for You

This is the first step, wherein we discuss with you about the layout. It is all about placing the sink, the freezer, the oven or the stove top in a way so that it adds the desired aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. It also adds to the functionality aspect.

The most common kitchen layouts that we work with include:

  • L-shaped layout
  • U-shaped layout
  • Galley Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
L-shaped Kitchen

⇴ L-shaped Kitchen

They are a compact form of layout that does not indulge in any space wastage. Usually, corners of the room are used and this goes well with the open planned dining or living areas. It helps in free movement and a lot of benchtop spaces.

U-Shaped Kitchen

⇴ U-Shaped Kitchen

This is another good option for the smaller kitchens. We design it depending upon whatever space is available, when space is at a premium, so much so that there is no space wastage. We work meticulously while planning spaces for drawers, dishwasher and fridge, so that when you open them, it does not kill space.

Galley Kitchen

⇴ Galley Kitchens

This is another option that we come up with, wherein the kitchen runs along a pair of parallel walls. This variety comes up with a lot of benchtop spaces. Again, we come up with the smartest designs for this variety as you have to be content with a narrow and longish space.

⇴ Island Kitchen

This is another variety we work on, if there is enough space for some additional bench tops. We will design it to house a dishwasher, a sink, and can even accommodate an in-built wine rack. In short, it merges a typical bar style with a breakfast bar or alternative dining space.

kitchen appliances

Helping You Select the Appliances

Next, we would help you choose the appliances that not only fulfill your need but will also match the new look and feel of your kitchen. We help you in not only selecting the model, but also their dimension. This ensures that they do not kill much kitchen space.

kitchen storage

Guiding You to Get the Right Storage

We encourage as well as guide you plan the overhead cabinets, floor and base, wall cabinets, deep drawers. We guide you to find logical and feasible ways of setting them up in spots that are easy to access. The idea is to reduce all the clutter and put more emphasis on organised space management.

kitchen door panels
Helping You Select the Style and Finish of the Doors and Panels

We assist you in choosing the right kind and quality of custom cabinetry. Generally, we would recommend High Moisture Resistant (HMR) boards for durability and longevity.

Other facets of our kitchen renovation services include helping you find the right kitchen benchtops, kitchen splashback, and some practical as well as stylish kitchen flooring – right from vinyl to laminated, hardwood to tiles.

We would also help you get the kitchen lighting right, and in setting up the right type of lighting that illuminates every nook and cranny, while keeping your power bills under check.

So those are the area that we cover for kitchen renovation. For further details, get in touch with us visit our ‘CONTACT US‘ page.

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