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Laundry Renovation Service in Canberra That Matches Your Lifestyle

To many homeowners, laundry is designed to be useful or a more practical option, instead of making it the attractive one. Well, don’t you think the laundry should integrate seamlessly with your home decor? It matches your lifestyle while making your laundry-time less boring with some amazing cabinet door profile and other utilities. Apart from space management, our bathroom builders Canberra use different materials that will match the shelving and benchtops.

laundry design

What to Consider for Your Laundry Design?

Well, it includes size, style as well as the layout of the appliances. Same as the kitchen, you need to choose the best-fitted appliances and make sure you left space for other attractive features too.

At M.N Renovations Group, we make your laundry look like an extension of your living space. We select and match the complementary materials that include cleaver storage while hiding away the clutter.

laundry renovation

Are You Planning for Laundry Renovation Soon?

We put our efforts for a project from start to finish. While planning for laundry renovation for Canberra residents, we choose the materials accordingly. And, here are a few things we come up with-

  • Ease the access from your laundry to the backyard
  • Ensure great ventilation to tackle the humidity
  • Design the space that meets your lifestyle requirements being a fully-functional space.
  • Keep a combination of cupboards, drawers and shelvings for abundant storage.
  • For safety, we install proper wiring and give thoughtful locations for outlets and mounting lights on higher location.
  • Laundry plumbing.
  • Legal laundry waterproofing.
  • Practical laundry flooring.
laundry renovation service Canberra

How Much Space Do You Need for Laundry Renovations?

Whether you’re in an apartment, old home or working on plans for a new build, talk to the builders to know the possible space you need for your laundry even in the house with compact space.

We will spend time guiding you through the selection of materials that suits your project requirement to get complete renovation work. To save your time and effort, we arrange items and combine them to increase the utilities for you.

laundry renovation cost

How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to planning your laundry renovation work, there are a few parameters that influence the cost of renovations-

  • The size of the laundry
  • The amount of cabinetry, shelving and benchtop you need
  • The materials you choose for benchtops and cabinetry
  • The choice of flooring
  • Whether you replace of choosing new appliances

We recommend the best way to estimate the cost of your job is to get in touch with us and let us visit your home. We can then work according to what exactly you want for laundry renovations with customised solutions alongwith a final design and budget.

Make sure you have all documents ready- be it warranty papers, construction documents, receipts or product information. You need these all to maintain and care for the features of your laundry room.

Whatever queries you have on laundry renovation, call us at 0470608937 to talk to our experts.
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