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Leaking Shower Repairs Chisholm
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Leaking Shower Repairs Chisholm

Leaking Shower Repairs in Chisholm by Seasoned Pros

Is your shower showing these common indications of deterioration?

  • Missing silicone
  • Discoloured tiles, silicone and grout
  • Missing or cracked grout
  • Soap scum or noticeable mould build-up

If so, then these are just the initial warning signs that your shower may need a professional repair. That brings to these questions:

  • Are you worried about your leaking shower and wet-tilled area?
  • Do you want to put an end to these problems once and for all?

If your answer is YES, then M.N. Renovations Group is your trusted and 100% accredited experts in handling leaking shower repairs all across Chisholm.

We Offer Our Services To:

  • Homeowners & Residential Properties
  • High-Rise Commercial Properties
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • And Real-Estate Builders
Fix Leaking Showers in Chisholm

Steps Taken to End Your Leaking Shower Problems

To end your problems with leaking showers, our team of experts:

  • Use high-end electronic leak detectors along with quality thermal imaging cameras to source the leak.
  • Once we find out the root of the leak, we look to de-grout the showering area (covering wall junctions, floor and hob joints).
  • We then inject an industry-approved liquid membrane under the tiles to take care of the damaged waterproofing membrane.
  • We even replace all drab-looking tiles with quality epoxies and diligently add a waterproofing sealant on the shower floors.
  • A quality flexible sealant is also added to the perimeter joints.

And; we cap it off by adding a permeating sealant to the shower enclosures and all adjacent wall to stop the leak.

Leaking Shower Repairs

We Have Years of Industry Experience in Providing Leaking Shower Repairs

We at M.N. Renovations Group, throughout our tenure have always delivered top leaking shower repairs, sealing and waterproofing services in Chisholm using 100% genuine products.

If you have a leaking shower which is threatening to destroy the structural integrity of your home, unhesitantly call us. We will end your leaking shower miseries within 3-4 hours (at max)!

Contact M.N. Renovations Group for quick and guaranteed leaking shower repairs in Chisholm at YOUR QUOTED BUDGET. Get in touch by giving us a CALL or filling up the QUOTATION FORM and discuss your tailored needs. We will get back to you with a FREE QUOTE! HURRY!
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