Regrouting Mistakes

What are the Most Common Regrouting Mistakes? – An Expert’s Account

Re-grouting is an indispensable chapter of surface tile maintenance, more so when it comes to maintaining the tiles around places like showers, where there is a higher probability of the grout fading out and getting discoloured after a certain period. Some would simply paint the grout for colour correction.

 However, if the grout has deteriorated and has lost its waterproofing character, then simply colouring them will not do any good. The best option, in that case, will be to go for the re-grouting of the tiles. For that, you have to hire proficient and reputed professionals who have been offering re-grouting in Weston Creek for years. It is imperative to opt for a seasoned company as this will help you keep the following mistakes at bay.

Jagged Grouting

One of the most common re-grouting blunders is uneven or undulating spread up of the grout in between the tiles. Now this will result in the formation of ‘peaks’ & ‘valleys’, thereby lending the grouting a messy, nowhere-near-perfect look and feel. This will not only be detrimental for the grouting, but it will ruin the aesthetics of the entire wall or floor where the tiles are applied. Besides, the fact that grout contracts when it dries, makes this issue something more important to avoid. Therefore, for creating a uniform grout surface, the pros would pack a lot of grout into the tile joints and wipe them all over with a wet sponge when the grouting is done.

Not Drying the Grout Before Tile Cleaning

Timing plays a key role in the grouting of tiles. It is extremely important to wait until the grout is well set before the tiles are wiped and cleaned. Premature wiping the tiles while the grout is still wet will lead to the formation of gouges. Then again, waiting for too long will be detrimental as the grout will settle on the surface of the tiles, and removing them will become a tall task. Too much scratching on the surface of the tiles to remove dried grout may lead to damage to the tiles.


Improper Mixing

Adding an inappropriate amount of water to the grout is another very common problem that will result in botched re-grouting. While the use of excessive water will result in runny, light grout that will not settle properly, the use of too inadequate water will leave the grout powdery, granular, and ineffective. Then again, the amount of water varies according to the brand of grout use and this is where a quality re-grouting company in Kambah like us will make a difference. Another error of not-so-experienced professionals is improper mixing of the grout, which will lead to inconsistent colouring when the grout dries out.

Using too Much Grout

Again, at times, the professionals might end up applying a bit too much of grout, not realizing the gaffe till the grout dries and settles. However, it is not that fatal mistake only except the fact that it has to be fixed a week later, by repeatedly wetting and scraping, chiseling, and wiping the grout to bring it back to a consistent and appropriate shape and look. Though it is not that fatal mistake, it takes some needless time and effort that can easily be avoided with some carefulness. That is why putting money on us at M.N. Renovations Group will make a difference.

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